LTTA 2 Event

Online event : 22-23.01.2024

The event commenced online with a welcome session and an overview of the agenda. The project’s objectives and significant achievements to date were introduced, followed by an in-depth discussion on the skills demand in the occupational profile of the metal industry. Later, participants were introduced to various online tools designed for knowledge testing. The day concluded with a summary and a preview of the next day’s agenda.

The second day started with a brief welcome and a presentation of the day’s agenda. Participants were then introduced to the JodaLab platform, which highlighted its purpose, goals, and ways to contribute and interact. The focus then shifted to the skills demand in the electro industry, similar to the previous day’s discussion on the metal industry. The latter part of the day included presentations of training modules for both the metal and electro industries, wrapping up with a preview of the third day’s agenda.