Face to face Krakow Event

Online event : 25-26.01.2024

The third day took place in person in Krakow, beginning with an opening session and agenda presentation. The first major topic was developing a digital mindset in vocational training, emphasizing the opportunities brought by technological change. This was followed by sessions on the advantages of CRM and ERP systems in industrial environments, demonstrating how these tools can enhance efficiency and productivity. The day also included a presentation on the use of 3D printing in vocational training, showcasing its potential applications and benefits. The day ended with a brief conclusion and a look ahead to the final day’s activities.

The final day began with a welcome session and agenda overview. The main activity was a practical demonstration of virtual welding, allowing participants to experience firsthand how this technology can be used in training. This hands-on session was followed by further contributions and insights into training methodologies. The event concluded with final remarks, a recap of the key takeaways, and a closing session that included check-out questions to gather participant feedback and reflections on the event.